Frequently asked questions

Will you make me cluck like a chicken?      The answer is NO, not unless you really, really want to!! In which case you wouldnt need hypnotising. Hypnotherapy is a positive way of unlocking the blocks to your moving forward and helping you overcome them.

Will you control me?     NO you remain in total control, I cannot and  have no interest in, getting you to do or say something your subconscious is not happy with.   

Will I know what is going on and has happened?    Everyone is different and their recall of what has been said during a Hypnotherapy session may vary from total clarity to a more limited recall. This has no effect on the treatment outcomes. Your subconscious will remember everything and take it on board.

What does Hypnotherapy involve?   The initial consultation is for me to get some information from you as to what you want from the sessions, what you feel the issues are and for you to be able to ask questions. It also gives you an opportunity to decide if you feel comfortable with me as your therapist. I may ask for a short life history including any events which may have impacted on how you are currently feeling. The actual Hypnotherpy starts with making sure you are comfortable to sit for around an hour. I will then start to talk to you, helping your body and mind to become comfortable with me and your body and mind to become quieter. once your conscious mind is happy your subconscious takes over and therapy will take place. Once you come out of trance we will have a chance to disuss how you felt it went, to answer any of your questions and plan for any further sessions (If they are needed)

How many sessions will I need?     Everyone is different and different problems can take one or several sessions to overcome.

I don't think I can be hypnotised.     Almost everyone can be hypnotised, there will be some who take longer to hypnotise or resist being hypnotised. You will find if you have more than one session that you go into trance quicker and more deeply. This is natural as you become more familiar and comfortable with the process.

What if I need the toilet? I usually encourage people to use the facilities before we start. But if you do it's fine. you can stop at any point, but most people find they have no need to. You can cough, swallow, sneeze, move to make yourself comfortable etc. I may ask you to nod or shake your head  or to talk to me during hypnosis and you will be able to do so freely. This helps me to understand what your subconscious really thinks. But you will only tell me what your subconscious is happy to reveal

How will I feel after Hypnotherapy?      You may well feel emotional, especially where trauma has been discussed. This is a natural bodily response. You may well not feel immediately different, but in the days, weeks and months which follow you will feel how much stronger and in control of your life you are. You will realise how much you have overcome and how much better you feel.

who should not be hypnotised?       There are a few accute medical and mental health issues which may prevent you recieving Hypnotherapy but these should be discussed in person or by phone rather than here. The vast majority of people can be hypnotised safely.